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Short Vowels Picture Cards for a Writing Center

Short Vowels Picture Cards for a writing center includes 20 Task Cards.

This pack will have your students excited to practice sounding out and writing short vowel words from a picture prompt. The vowel patterns used in this pack are CVC, CVCC, CCVC, and CCVCC.

Each task card displays 9 pictures.

There are 20 task cards and a few different recording sheets included in this pack.

The task cards are separated by vowel sounds. 10 task cards concentrate on single sound vowels and 10 task cards are mixed with other vowels. The mixed vowel task cards are great for review.

There are 3 types of recording sheets included:

• Students write the short vowel words.

• Students write the short vowel words and a sentence.

• Students write a word that rhymes with the picture.

All task cards come with an answer key to help distinguish the pictures.

Use these task cards at a reading center or during your small group time. Students will be able to practice sounding out short vowel words and writing them.

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