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Mini Journal Workbook Using Writing

Mini-Journal Workbook Using Writing has 80 writing prompts (half-sheets) all about different genres of writing. Each half worksheet includes a writing prompt. Students write a response to the prompt. The prompts include a wide variety of expository, persuasive, descriptive, and narrative writing. This is perfect to get students to write in different types of writing styles.

How to Assemble:
Copy the Mini-Workbook Cover and any or all of the writing prompts. Cut the worksheets in half and assemble into a book or mini-workbook. Staple on the left side. To save paper, copy the worksheets back to back.

Ways to Use this Mini-Workbook:
Send this mini-workbook home for homework. Assign a writing prompt to the students each week. This would be great to send home at the end of the year too. This will give students something to do over the summer.

Use this mini-workbook as your morning work or for a warm-up exercise in writing. Students take out their mini-workbook to write a response to a prompt. If you have time, students can share their writing with other students. Students can store their mini-workbook in their writing folder.

These are perfect for weekly writing assessments. Choose a prompt you want to assess.

These are great for early finishers or to place at a writing center. When a student can’t find something to do, hand them a mini-workbook full of writing ideas. Students can work at their own pace or you can assign pages to be completed.

Ideas and Suggestions:
Use the Mini-Workbook for a writing warm-up exercise, during
your writing lesson, for seat work/ busy work, during
your small group time, math centers, homework,
or for exit tickets!

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