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Book Talk Questions

This pack has 10 pages full of questions for students to answer while reading their story. The pages include questions that students should be asking or thinking about when they are reading. The next time your students read a book, have them use any of the Book Talk Questions to spark some interest in getting them thinking and talking about the elements in a book. This is what's included:

  • Book Talk Questions Use this page for small groups, partner reading, or send home for homework.
  • Bookmarks: Use the bookmarks for a quick book talk summary. These are great reminders for students to think about the story as they are reading.
  • Before During After : Use this page as reminders for students to question themselves before, during, and after reading.
  • Questions I should be asking myself: Use the “Questions You Should Be Asking” before, during, and after reading. Students can write information down on the sheet as they read or you can use the poster to help remind students the questions they should be asking themselves while reading.
  • Who What When Where Why Task Cards: These task cards include two sets. The first set has just the question words. Students come up with their own questions about the story to ask each other. The second set of task cards has questions already on them. Both sets of task cards are great to help students start a conversation about the story they are reading.

•All of these colored book talk questions, task cards, and posters come in a BLACK and WHITE copy.

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