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Number of the Day Using 3 Digit Numbers

Number of the Day is a math center you can use all year long. This pack focuses on 3-digit numbers and place value.

The numbers included in this pack range from 100-999. Students use the Number of the Day for: a math center, morning work, homework, or classwork.

Included in this Pack:

• 100 Number Cards

• 17 Worksheets to focus on one skill at a time.

How to Use:

Students choose a number or a task card. They write the number at the top of the recording sheet. Then they answer questions about the number using number sense, place value, and addition/subtraction skills.

If students are struggling on a skill, use the remaining worksheets for more practice.

This pack focuses on:

Place Value using 3-Digit Numbers

Expanded Form

Word Name



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Draw place value blocks

Rounding to tens and hundreds


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