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Coin Counting Task Boards

Coin Counting Task Boards Include:

• 10 Coin Counting Task Boards

• 2 Recording Sheets

• Answer Keys

Objective: To practice counting coins of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

All amounts are under $1.00.

Use these Coin Counting Task Boards at a math center. Place 1 or all task boards at a math center along with a recording sheet. You can also make multiple copies of each board so that all students in your class can work on this at the same time.

There are 2 recording sheets included. The first recording sheet has students counting the coins in each box and recording their answers. Then they answer questions about the coins they counted. They will be asked which box has the highest amount, the lowest amount, the amounts over 50 cents, the 2 boxes that have the same amount, and the box that has 42 cents.

The second recording sheet has a half sheet to just count the coins and record answers.

Students will have some fun practicing counting coins with these fun task boards. Set the Coin Counting Task Boards and Recording Sheets at a math center. Students work at their own pace and complete task cards. This center is perfect for those students who need more practice counting coins or for early finishers. This pack will keep your students busy while learning to count money.

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