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A Jar of Spring Math Games Dollar Deal

A Jar of Spring Math Games includes 7 board games using 2 dice.

The games included are:
•Game 1: Add 2 dice for a sum.
•Game 2: Add 2 dice for a sum and add 10 more.
•Game 3: Add 2 dice for a sum and subtract 2 from the sum.
•Game 4: Add 2 dice for a sum, add 10 more, and subtract 1.
•Game 5: Roll 3 dice for a sum.
•Game 6: Roll 2 dice and cover if the sum is odd or even.
•Game 7: Roll 2 dice and highest (or lowest) sum advances forward.

Materials needed to play a Jar of Spring Math Games:
o A Jar of Spring Game Board (Choose 1 to play)
o 2 dice with 1-6 numbers (1 game uses 3 dice)
o 5-10 game pieces for each player. Each player needs a different color game pieces than their opponent. (e.g. use beans or chips)
o 2 players

o Choose a game board to play on.
o Players take turns rolling dice and adding them for a sum. There are some twist and turns about what to do with that sum on each game board. Players cover the numbers in the jar. The first player to cover all their numbers is the winner. These games get kids thinking!

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