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Build a Sentence Worksheets Dollar Deal

Build a Sentence Worksheets has 20 worksheets to help students build a sentence by adding a few more details to create a better sentence. Students take the noun and the verb of the sentence and build upon it. They add what kind the noun or the verb is. This can serve as the adjective or adverb of the sentence. They add a place and a time. Then they need to take all the words and make a complete sentence. They will instantly see how they can change a simple sentence and jazz it up by adding a few details.

This pack includes an example to show students how to complete the worksheet. It has 20 repetitive worksheets with a variety of sentences.

This will help beginning writers write complete sentences and they will become aware of details in writing. These are perfect for 1st graders.

These worksheets are great for a warm-up writing activity, for a quick morning work assignment, as an exit ticket, or just for a quick assessment on writing skills.

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