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Mini State Report

Mini-State Reports are perfect for researching the state you live in or any of the 50 states in America. Students can study one state together or assign a different state to each student.

There are 28 half-sheets that ask a variety of questions about any of our 50 states. You can copy all the pages for this report or choose the pages you want your students to research. Students write some information or facts on each page. Students can draw the pictures or find pictures to glue into the mini-book.

Use these mini-reports for students to gather notes so they can write a report or use this mini-report for a final presentation.

Save paper by copying the pages back to back. The book will be thinner if using all 28 pages or more.

Also included is a cover page for the report and blank pages for more or extra information.

Once students fill in all the information, place all the pages together to resemble a mini-book. When all reports are finished, place these Mini-Reports at your reading center for all students to read and enjoy

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