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Super Fraction Worksheets

Super Fractions Worksheets are full of fraction practice. These worksheets use both like and unlike denominators. If you’re just learning about fractions or your students need more fraction practice, this pack is perfect for you. These fractions are perfect for 3rd graders. 2nd and 4th grade students can also take advantage of these worksheets. There is a ton of variety in this pack to keep all your students engaged and on top of fractions. The fraction worksheets have a cute superhero theme.

There are 45 worksheets all about fractions. The worksheets include:
Equal parts
Identify and name shaded and unshaded parts
Compare and order fractions
Add and subtract fractions
Equivalent fractions
Reduce or simplify fractions
Fraction of a set
Fractions on a number line
Problem solving fractions
Fraction review (assessments)
Fraction table

Answer Keys are provide for most of the worksheets.

Use these worksheets to enhance your fraction unit. Use them for your fraction lessons, for extra practice, or for homework.

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