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Measure by Centimeters Task Cards

Measure by Centimeters Task Cards includes 3 math centers. Each math center has students measuring items to the nearest centimeter.

Center 1 includes 25 task cards. Students measure the items on the task cards using a ruler. Rulers are provided in this pack if you do not have a classroom set. Students measure to the nearest whole centimeter.

Center 2 includes 25 task cards. The ruler and item are placed on the task card. Students need to count how many centimeters the item is in length. Students need to be careful measuring because items do not start at the beginning of the ruler.

Center 3 includes 1 recording sheet and a set of rulers. Students measure items in the classroom by writing down the item, using the ruler to measure the item, and recording the answer on the recording sheet. This would be a great activity for partners.

This pack has all you need for measuring to the nearest centimeter. This pack provides 2 different set of task cards, rulers, and recording sheets to be placed at each math center.

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