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Word Choice Posters

Word Choice Posters include these 24 overused words:
bad, big, cold, easy, fast, fun, get, good, happy, hard, hot, little, mad, make, mean, nice, pretty, sad, said, see, slow, ugly, very, and went

This resource includes 24 posters that display “overused” or “boring” words. On the top half of the poster lists 15 better words for the “overused” word. On the bottom half of the poster includes 7 sentences using the “overused” word. Students choose a better word from the list to replace in the sentences.

You can leave the posters whole or you can cut them apart and glue onto black construction paper. The top half can be hung as posters and the bottom half can be used as task cards at a writing center or for small group time.

Post the posters on your word wall or chalkboard. Students have a reference or visual to replace their “overused” words.

This pack also includes a recording sheet for students to choose 8 words that they “overuse” and make a list of new words to replace them. They can keep this list in their writing folder.

There are also 3 worksheets to practice replacing words. The words in the worksheets are the same as the words on the posters.

This pack is a great way for students to learn some new vocabulary words and strengthen their writing skills. Students will be able to notice boring words and generate better words in their writing.

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