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STEM Posters for the Classroom

STEM Posters for the Classroom includes 12 posters. (Plus, a black and white copy of each one.) Each poster prints in a 8.5x11 size standard sheet of paper.
1 Poster has the STEM acronym and kid pictures that match science, technology, engineering, and math students. There are also the 7 engineering design process words that are in a cute rhyming verse.

4 Posters include a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topic. Each picture includes 4 words that describe each STEM job.

7 Posters include the engineering design process. Each poster lists a process and 2 or 3 questions about what the student should be thinking when they ask, imagine, plan, create, test, improve, and communicate.

Hang these posters in your room to help students remember and think about the process as they solve problems in the classroom.

I also made the clip art myself. These are original!

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