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CVCC Worksheets to Identify, Read, Write, and Rhyme

This CVCC Worksheets pack has a total of 75 worksheets that will have your students identifying, reading, spelling, rhyming, and writing CVCC words all year long! This pack has 15 pages for the vowel sounds of a, e, i, and u. The vowel sound, o, only has a few words. So this set of 15 pages include a mix of the vowels including the vowel sound o.

The 15 pages for each vowel sound has activities for students to be able to identify, read, write, spell, and rhyme. The set of the 15 pages include:
• 2 worksheets that students choose which of the 3 words match the picture.
• 2 worksheets that has a word bank and students use the words in the word bank to match the pictures.
• 1 worksheet that students read a row of 4 words and choose words that are real words.
• 1 worksheet that students put a list of words into 4 categories.
• 1 worksheet for students to cut-out words and paste them on the picture that matches the word.
• 1 worksheet for students to write and spell cvcc words.
• 2 worksheets for students to read and comprehend sentences.
• 3 worksheets for students rhyme cvcc words.
• 2 worksheets to unscramble sentences.

The PREVIEW shows all 15 pages for vowel sound A. The other pages are exactly like it but with a different vowel sound.

The vowel sounds consist of:
ack, ath, and, ash, amp, ast, ask
eck, ell, elt, end, ent, ess, est
ick, ift, ill, ing, ink, ish, ist, int, ilk
ock, ong, ost, oss, ond
uck, uff, ump, ung, unk, unt, ust, usk

These are great to use at your small group time for a quick assessment of who's reading and/or sounding out words. Place a worksheet at a reading center or use as part of your lesson for students to practice. Or send them home for homework for more practice.

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