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CVCC Games

This pack has 10 cvcc games to practice reading and recognizing real words. The cvcc games use the short vowel sounds of a, e, i, o, u. The vowels sounds consist of:

ast, ack, ash, amp, and, ath,
ish, ift, ick, ing, ink, ill, ist, int
ent, est, elt, eck, ell, elt, end
ost, ong, ock, oss, ost
ump, unk, ust, uck, ung, unt

All you need to do is print and play. 1 die and some game tokens to cover words are needed too. The game boards can be played with 2-3 Players. They are perfect for small groups or reading centers. Game boards include each vowel sound and a review of them mixed. Students will have great practice reading short vowel cvcc words.

How to play the game: Players roll a die two times to reveal a word. If a word can be made, the word is covered with a game token. The first player to cover 5 words is the winner.

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