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CVCC Word Strips

CVCC Word Strips will have your students reading short vowel words all year long! This pack includes 62 CVCC Word Strips (14 for each vowel sounds except for vowel O. "O" only has 6 words.) using CVCC Short Vowel Words. These are great to use at your small group time for a quick assessment of who's reading and rhyming. Place a set at a reading center for students to practice rhyming. A recording sheet is added for students to record their answers.

Pictures for words include:
back, pack, rack, sack, tack
camp, damp, lamp, ramp
band, hand, land, sand
cash, dash, rash, mash, rash,
deck, neck, peck,
bell, sell, tell, well, yell
bend, lend, send
rest, test, nest, vest
lick, pick, sick, kick, wick
gill, hill, pill,
ring, sing, wing, king
sink, rink, wink
dish, fish, wish
dock, rock, sock, lock
long, song
duck, buck, tuck, puck
bump, pump, jump
hung, lung, rung, sung
bunk, dunk, junk, sunk
rush, hush

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