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Base Words Worksheets

Base Words Worksheets has 31 worksheets to help teach students what happens when affixes are added to base words. All the worksheets in this pack are also uploaded into Google Slides.

These worksheets will help students notice what happens when they add prefixes and suffixes (affixes) to base words. The spelling of some base words will change and so will its meaning.

The prefixes used in this pack include: un, re, dis, non, mis, pre

The suffixes used in this pack include: ness, less, ed, ly, ing, s, ful, able, er, and est

The 30 worksheets include these 30 base words: agree, appear, believe, build, care, clean, color, comfort, connect, cover, forgive, happy, harm, help, hope, like, love, move, open, organize, pack, place, play, power, read, stop, test, turn, use, write, and view.

Each worksheet displays a base word and the affixes that can be added to the base word to make new words. Students make as many new words as they can using the prefixes and suffixes listed. The worksheets extent to separating the new words they made according to the spelling rule or by segmenting the new words apart by prefix, base word, and suffix. The worksheets also have students writing the definition of the new word or they write a sentence that displays the meaning on the new word.

For example: If using the base word, CARE, students can make new words like caring, careful, uncaring, and so on. They can also see how two suffixes can be added to the base word like, carelessness and carefully. Students need to be careful when adding affixes to base words. Some affixes will not make sense when added to the base word. For example; discare or carely. This is a good time to talk about nonsense words.

Use these worksheets for continued practice at a reading center. As students become more proficient, they will be able to work independently. You can also send these worksheets home for homework or to check understanding as an assessment.

This pack includes 31 worksheets and a poster listing the prefixes and suffixes used in this pack.

This pack also includes a Google Link for Google Slides. Copy the Google link into your Google Classroom and assign to students.

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