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CVC Unscramble Sentences Worksheets

CVC Unscramble Sentences Worksheets has a total of 20 worksheets (4 worksheets for each of the five vowel sounds). Each worksheet includes 3 sentences for students to unscramble and form into a complete sentence. Students read the 5 or 6 words in the word bank and write a complete sentence that could match the picture.

These are simple sentences that are designed for beginning readers learning to read, make, and write complete sentences. The words in the word bank use CVC words and only 11 sight words. The sight words used for each page are located on the top right hand corner of each worksheet. The 11 sight words used in this entire packet include: a, and, at, has, I, in, is, my, on, see, the

These are great to use at your small group time for a quick assessment of who's reading and/or forming sentences. Place a worksheet at a reading center or use as part of your lesson for students to practice unscrambling sentences.

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