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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

Chandler, United States · 251 items

CVC Worksheets to Identify, Read, and Write

This CVC Worksheets pack has a total of 35 worksheets that will have your students identifying, reading and writing CVC words all year long! This pack includes 35 Worksheets (7 pages for each vowel sound.)

The 7 pages for each vowel sound includes:
• 2 worksheets that students choose which of the 3 words match the picture.
• 2 worksheets that has a word bank and students use the words in the word bank to match the pictures.
• 1 worksheet that students read a row of 4 words and choose 2 words that are real words.
• 1 worksheet that students put a list of words into 4 categories.
• 1 worksheet for students to cut-out words and paste them on the picture that matches the word.

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