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Grammar Roll a Sentence Pack

Grammar Roll a Sentence Pack covers 3 standards; Grammar, Writing, and Math. The purpose of this activity is to have some fun writing complete sentences. This pack includes 10 Grammar Boards (plus a black and white copy) and a blank board for students to write their own words.

Here is how you use the boards: Students take turns rolling 2 dice and adding them for a sum. Students start in the 1st column (Person/Thing) on the Grammar-Roll a Sentence board. They find the sum in the column and record the word on the recording sheet or white board. Once all the students roll a total of 5 times, (once for each column on the board) they use the 5 words they rolled to write a sentence.

All sentences must have a capital letter and an end punctuation mark. All words for each column must be used in the sentence. The sentence must make sense. Students may add other words to their sentence like articles, conjunctions, and nouns to help complete the sentence. The verb can be changed to a difference tense or by adding -ed or -ing to ensure understanding.

This little pack is perfect for small group or for centers. You can have some fun with the students as they add, record, and generate sentences. You can check to see which students have sentence structure and understanding of a complete sentence.

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