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Main Idea and Topic Sentence Task Cards

This pack of task cards can be used for a variety of resources.
Each task card displays 4 sentences. Students read the sentences and decide what the main idea is for each task card.

Students can also use the task cards to write a topic sentence. They can also write a closing sentence too. Recording sheets are added to write one or the other.

Students can also use the task cards to practice working on inference. These would be good for younger students who need to work on main idea and inference.

More advanced students can also use the task cards to write a paragraph. They would need to rewrite the task cards to make a complete paragraph. Students would need to write a topic sentence and a closing statement. They can even rewrite the sentences on the task cards using better words or more elaborate explanations

These task cards are unique because they can be used in a variety of ways and for different purposes. Check out the preview to see this product more closely.

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