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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

Chandler, United States · 253 items

Word Problem Worksheets using Money

This pack of word problem worksheets using money has a variety of worksheets that use items and prices. Students use the pictures and prices on each page to answer word problem questions. Students will need to know how to add 3 and 4 digit numbers using the decimal point. There are a variety of difficult and easy word problems throughout this pack.

If worksheets are too difficult, try using calculators.

Use these worksheets for early finishers, seat work, homework, classwork, or as part of your lesson.

All problem solving questions are addition/subtraction, and some have a few multiplication questions or two step problems.

The worksheets are perfect for informal text, real life situations, and problem solving skills. They also help you differentiate in the classroom. There's enough variety to satisfy your entire bunch of students.

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