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Rounding 3 Digit Numbers Rockin Rounders

Meet the Rockin Rounders! This fun unit has students rounding 3-Digit Numbers to the Nearest Ten and Hundred. It includes:

36 Task Cards that students round 3-Digit Numbers to the nearest ten and hundred. Use these task cards at a math center along with a recording sheet or use them to play on one of the 4 game boards.

Another set of 12 Task Cards asking the students which numbers round to the number on the task card. Students use a recording sheet to record their answers.

4 game boards. Use the task cards to play games while reinforcing rounding 3-digit numbers.

9 Worksheets to use at centers or to send home for homework.

Rounding cards. These are rounding tips students use to practice rounding. Use the rounding cards as reminders on how to round.

This fun rounding unit will have your students reinforcing rounding 3-digit numbers and it will give your unit a rockin boost!

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