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It Used to Be a... But Now It's a... Writing Prompts

It Used To Be A..., But Now It's A.... Writing Prompts has 31 pages to use as an instant writing center.

Give students one of the writing pages. Students cut the shape out that’s in the dotted box on the top right corner. They glue the shape down anywhere in the large blank space and draw around the shape turning the shape into a new shape or picture. Students color the picture. Then they write about it.

One of the popular ideas to write about is the prompt: It used to be a… but now it’s a… (for example, If I was using the shape of the star, I would glue the star down on the paper and maybe turn the star into a wand for a fairy, or maybe use the star
as an eye, or maybe use the star in a night sky. After I choose what to write about, I would write the prompt, It used to be a star, but now it’s a wand for a fairy.) I would
continue writing about the picture that was transformed.

You can use these pages for other writing ideas as well. There is a list of ideas students can writing about after they draw their picture with the shape that's been given.

Use this pack at a writing center. Provide a few sheets at a writing center and let students choose a page that inspires them to write. Then, let the creative juices flow!

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