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Mini Workbook Using Word Problems with 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction

Mini-Workbook Using 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction has 40 pages (half-sheets) all about Word Problems. The half worksheets include three word problem questions.

There are three types of questions asked throughout the workbook:
1st type: Majority of the questions use 2-digit addition and subtraction word problems.
2nd type: The answer is given and students write a word problem to match the answer.
3rd type: Adding three 2-digit numbers.

Assemble the Mini-Workbooks with a cover page. Students can work at their own pace or assign pages to be completed. Instead of assembling the worksheets into a mini workbook, copy and cut the worksheets in half. It is not necessary to assemble into a mini-workbook.

Use the Mini-Workbook for a math warm-up exercise, during
your math lesson, for seat work/ busy work, during
your small group time, math centers, homework,
or for exit tickets!

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