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CVC Worksheets using Initial, Medial, and Final Sounds

These CVC Worksheets are from my "Clip It" Task Cards.
Each set of task cards include 6 worksheets. The worksheets come from each of these sets and are bundled together into 1 product:
* Initial and Final Clip It Task Cards and Worksheets
* Middle Sound Clip It Task Cards and Worksheets
* Spell It and Clip It Task Cards and Worksheets
* Beginning or End Clip It Task Cards and Worksheets (Dual Task Cards)

If you are interested in purchasing ONLY the worksheets from each of these packs, this pack is for you! There are a total of 30 worksheets using CVC pictures. It includes 6 worksheets from each of these:
• Spell the CVC Word
• Write the Middle Sound
• Write the Initial and Final Sounds
• Write the Beginning Sound
• Write the End Sound

CVC Worksheets will have your students practicing to write and learn CVC words and sounds. Each worksheet is a mixed review of vowel sounds.

Again, if you have purchased the "Clip It" Task Cards, you do not need this pack.

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