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Would You Rather Fractions

Would You Rather… Fraction Task Cards is a fun way to compare fractions. This pack includes 48 task cards to get students thinking about fractions and what they would rather have more or less of.

For example, task card 1 reads, “Would you rather have 2/3 of a box of cookies or would you rather have 4/5 of a box of cookies?” Students would want more of the box of cookies so they would choose the larger fraction. Another task card question reads, "Would you rather stick your arm 3/10 of the way in an alligator's mouth or would you rather stick your arm 2/5 of the way in an alligator's mouth?" Students would want less of their arm in an alligator's mouth so they would choose the smaller fraction.

These "Would You Rather...Fraction Questions" have some fun and silly questions on them. They will get your students engaged and maybe giggle or squirm on a few of them. They are perfect for 3rd-5th graders!

This pack comes with recording sheets if you want to place them at a math center. It also comes with a comparison fraction chart to help students compare fractions.

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