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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

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Snakes and Ladders Vowel Sounds

Snakes and Ladders Vowel Sounds include 12 game boards that your students will be begging you to play again and again. This is such a fun game to practice phonics and making words from each sound.

These game boards are just like the game 'Chutes and Ladders' but with a twist. Vowel Sounds are used. Students read the sounds as they land on them and make a word with the sound. If the word and sound is said correctly, the player moves up the ladder. But, watch out for the snakes! Any player that lands on a snake has to slide down to the end of its tail. First player to reach 100 is the winner.

There are a total of 12 game boards included. The game boards have 25 sounds on each board. Boards include:
Vowel A sounds (long and short)
Vowel E sounds (long and short)
Vowel I sounds (long and short)
Vowel O sounds (long and short)
Vowel U sounds (long and short)
Vowels Mixed (long)
Vowels Mixed (short)
Vowels A and I (short)
Vowels E, O, U (short)
Consonants and Blends

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