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Apple Addition Games

Apple Addition Games uses 40 Addition Task Cards to use with the 11 games included in this pack. These task cards can also be used at a math center to practice addition facts. This pack focuses on addends 4-10 only. For example, 7+5, 8+6, 6+5. If your students need to work on bigger addition facts, this pack of games is perfect for your students.

Use these games to practice addition facts all year long! There is plenty to do in this pack and each game will have your student's undivided attention. They will be so engaged, they will not even know they are learning!

This pack includes 11 game boards, 40 addition task cards, recording sheets, answer keys, and directions on how to play these fun and easy games.

Check out the preview to see more of the Apple Addition Games.

Once the Addition Fact Cards are assembled, all game boards are instant. Just print!

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