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Subtraction Strategy Dollar Deal

Subtraction Strategy introduces a fun way to subtract without using fingers. This unit is perfect for beginning students who are learning or struggling with subtracting. (1st-2nd Grade)

This unit includes:

1 Poster to show how to do the subtracting

30 Task Cards to practice subtracting using the strategy

4 Worksheets

Learning a new strategy can be challenging for students. Some get frustrated easily and refuse to learn something new. Some students might like it and hopefully begin using the strategy. Plus the best part is, they will not be using their fingers. Subtraction might not be too stressful when using this strategy. It's just another way to look at numbers or to check your work. Any subtraction strategy can be used with the material in this pack.

Students will also need to know the combinations of 10. They should be able to calculate 7+?=10 without having to think too hard about it.

This fun, little unit has everything to practice this strategy. You can use them for math centers, small group, or as part of your lesson.

This little pack practices subtracting teen numbers. You can use any subtraction strategy with the items in this pack.

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