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Fact Drills Using Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction Fact Drills contain 70 (half) sheets dedicated to single digit addition and subtraction facts. Each half sheet has 30 facts on them It's ideal that students can do all 30 problems in under 2 minutes.

This pack is separated by each fact.
The addition drills contain:
o Add 0
o Add 1
o Add 2
o Add 3
o Add 4
o Add 5
o Add 6
o Add 7
o Add 8
o Add 9
o Add Doubles
o Add Neighbors
o Add Mixed Numbers
o Add Missing Numbers
o Add a Ten

The Subtraction Drills contain:
o Subtract 1
o Subtract 2
o Subtract 3
o Subtract 4
o Subtract 5
o Subtract 6
o Subtract 7
o Subtract 8
o Subtract 9
o Subtract from a Ten
o Subtract Mixed Numbers (6 half sheets)
o Subtract a Ten
o Subtract Missing Numbers (4 half sheets)
o Add a Ten

This pack also comes with data sheets for students to keep track of their own progress. It also contains a fact table to help students learn those addition and subtraction facts.

The preview has an example of what the pages look like. These are simple, easy to use, and saves paper.

Use these drills to help with fact fluency when learning addition and subtraction problems. Instead of drills, these sheets can also be used for classwork, morning work, homework, math centers, or small group.

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