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Coin Counting Task Cards

Coin Counting Task Cards Include:

  • 42 printable Coin Counting Task Cards
  • 2 Recording Sheets
  • Answer Key
  • 1 Money Bingo Game Board to use with the task cards.
  • 2 Worksheets to use with the task cards
  • 4 Google Links / Self Grading Quizzes

The 42 printable task cards are separated (blue cards and red cards). The blue cards use the coins: dime, nickels, and pennies. The red cards use quarters along with the dimes, nickels, and pennies. All task cards are under the $1.00 amount.

Students will have some fun practicing counting coins with these fun task cards. Set the Coin Counting Task Cards and Recording Sheets at a math center. Students work at their own pace and complete task cards. This center is perfect for those students who need more practice counting coins or for early finishers.

This also comes with a fun game board to use with the task cards and a few worksheets. This pack will keep your students busy while learning to count money.

The task cards have been uploaded into Google Forms creating 4 Self-Grading Quizzes. Each quiz has 10 task cards. Students type the answer into Google. Assign students the links in Google Classrooms. Use the Google links for pre and post assessments and use the printable task cards for extra practice. Either way, students will be counting coins!

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