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Inference Writing Center

Inference Writing Center is intended to do two things:
Make Inferences and Write in Complete Sentences.

The Materials in this Pack include:
• 24 Task Cards with Inference Writing prompts
• 24 Recording Sheets (in thirds)

Ideas on how to use the writing prompts:
• Use the colored task cards along with the recording sheet at a writing center. Students write what they infer about each picture. Students can also use a writing journal or other writing paper instead of the recording sheets. The colored task cards help students generate inferences and then putting those thoughts down on paper correctly.

• You can also copy the Recording Sheets and cut each sheet into thirds. Use the recording sheets for complete sentence writing and inference recognition. These would be great for morning work.

• You can also send home for homework, use for a writing prompt for the week, as part of your inference lesson, as a warm-up activity, or for morning work.

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