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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

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Super Power Thinking Math Games (Super Kids)

Get your Super Power Thinking on with these fun game boards. Students use their super power thinking (mental math and number sense strategies) on these game boards. No paper or pencils allowed!!

Here's an example of one of the game boards: Players roll two dice and add them for a sum. Then they add 10 more to the sum and subtract 1. For example: If a player rolls a 3 and 5, they add for a sum of 8. Then they add 10 more for a sum of 18, and subtract 1 for a difference of 17. The player covers number 17 on the game board. The player to get 4 numbers in a row on the game board is the winner.

Players also need to use some strategy and block their opponent from getting their 4 in a row. These game boards are loaded with excitement and fun!

If your students need to improve their mental math skills and their number sense, these are the game boards for you! There are 12 different game boards to get your Super Power Thinking on!

All game boards use addition and subtraction skills. There are 2 game boards that use multiplication facts. There is enough variety in all these games to reach all learners in the classroom. This pack is ideal for 1st-3rd grade. I think 4th and 5th graders could benefit as well, especially those students that need a boost in mental math and number sense.

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