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Menus for Math

Menus for Math include 10 menus from a variety of shops, stores, or restaurants.

Each menu comes with two problem solving worksheets, set 1 and set 2. Set 2 is a little bit more challenging than set 1. Each worksheet includes 7-10 questions that extract questions from the menus. Each menu also has a set of tickets to calculate items from the menu and state how much change will be given.

Students can also use the menus to make their own sales tickets or questions. Great for ask and answer questions. Other students can add up their purchases and practice giving change.

All problem solving questions are addition/subtraction, and some have a few multiplication questions or two step problems.

The menus are perfect for informal text, real life situations, and problem solving skills. They also help you differentiate in the classroom. There's enough variety to satisfy your entire bunch of students.

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