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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

Chandler, United States · 251 items

Mystery Math and Missing Numbers

Mystery Math and Missing Numbers includes:

36 Missing Numbers Task Cards. These task cards have different equations where students find the missing number. Equations use addition and subtraction with facts under 30. Students need to pay attention to the equal sign and have some number sense with these tricky equations. These task cards can be used at a math center or for a 2-3 player game.

30 Mystery Numbers Task Cards. Clues are given on each task card on how to find the mystery number. The clues on the task cards include place value, addition/subtraction, key words, skip counting, odd/even, rounding, and more/less than. Students try to find the mystery number by the clues given. These task cards can be used at a math center or as part of your lesson. A worksheet is also included for students to create their own mystery number.

This bundle includes a bonus of "Guess My Number" class game. A fun class game to get your class thinking about missing or mystery numbers. It also includes 4 worksheets to practice mystery and missing numbers.

This pack is perfect for 3rd graders. 2nd and 4th graders will benefit as well. Some of the task cards may be challenging or too easy for some. Once students start learning about mystery numbers, they get addicted!

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