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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

Chandler, United States · 238 items

Mystery Math and Missing Numbers

Mystery Math and Missing Numbers has some fun mystery activities! It has mystery numbers where students are given clues and they have to identify the number. It also has missing numbers. All activities use addition, subtraction, and place value. It includes:

A Missing Number game using a game board and die. Students answer missing numbers from task cards. Use as a 2-Player game or center. Recording sheet included.

Guess the Mystery Number- Clues are given and the students figure out what the mystery numbers are. Also, students create their own mystery number and other students solve it.

Mystery Numbers #1, #2, and #3- The sum and one addend is given. Students find the other number that totals the sum.

Missing Number Worksheets - Students fill in a missing number using single and double-digit addition/subtraction.

All activities use addition and subtraction.

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