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Geometry Centers and Activities

Geometry Centers/Activities is for K-2 teachers using the shapes of squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, trapezoids, cones, cubes, half-circles, quarter circles, triangular prisms, rectangular prisms, and cylinders.

This Geometry Pack is loaded with activities! It has over 80 pages that include:

A matching center to match the shape and word

An assessment for students to match shapes using the words “next to, behind, in front of, above, and below”

A toothpick and marshmallow activity to make shapes

Worksheets, assessments, and homework to draw shapes, identify vertices, sides, and faces

Bingo games using a spinner or dice

2 posters displaying shape, name, and relation to the real world

Make a 2-D Kid using dice and addition facts

Draw a shape picture and write about it

Graph, tally, and color shapes

Compare shapes and write the differences

My Little Book of Shapes - Make a book using 12 shapes

Geoboard activities


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