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Teacher's Take-Out

Teacher's Take-Out

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Area and Perimeter Activites

Area and Perimeter Activities Pack has a few fun ideas to enhance your unit. It includes:

Build a Room: Students design a room by placing furniture and items in the room. 5 rooms are included to build; bedroom, kitchen, playground, living room, and garage. Students calculate the area and perimeter of each item in the room.

Floor Plans: Students layout an entire house and calculate the area and perimeter of each room. A blank floor plan is included to plan other places like an amusement park, zoo, marketplace, etc...

Area Perimeter Task Cards: There are 3 Sets of Task Cards Included!
The 1st set has 12 task cards that display a shape with 2 dimensions. Students calculate the area and perimeter of each shape.
The 2nd set has 9 task cards with a missing number. Students find the missing length, width, or area.
The 3rd set has 9 task cards that students count the square units.

Worksheets: 2 problem solving sheets where students plan out the problem and calculate for the answer. 2 more worksheets are included to practice area and perimeter of shapes.

Many activities to support your area and perimeter unit.

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