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Capacity Creatures Task Cards-Using Customary Units

Spice up your capacity unit with these fun and engaging printable task cards. Your students will have fun converting capacity with these monster themed task cards. These task cards are also uploaded into Google Forms creating 14 Self-Grading Quizzes. For those classrooms that are going paperless, the links are great for assigning links to students in Google Classrooms.

Capacity Creatures has 5 different task card sets using customary units (120 Task Cards). Students will be comparing/contrasting, finding equivalent equations, using problem solving skills, and converting gallons, quarts, pints, and cups.

Capacity Creatures can be used for math centers, small group, classwork, homework, and with partners or teams.

It Includes:

Capacity Creature -Converting Poster

30 Task Cards to find equivalent equations

40 Task Cards to compare/contrast

30 Task Cards for problem solving/life skills

20 Task Cards using sensible measurement-Estimates

Recording Sheets

Answer Keys

Create your own Capacity Creature

14 Google Links/Self-Grading Quizzes. Each quiz has 10 questions or 10 task cards.

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