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Awards and Certificates for School

Awards for the Classroom will put a smile on your students' faces. Who doesn’t love an award? Show a student how well they are doing in class or how they are showing outstanding behavior by handing them an award. Let them know they are moving in the right direction and you have noticed. It will make others act well too.

This pack is separated into 4 Categories; Good Work in General, Subjects in school, Behavior, and Misc.

Each page displays 10 of the same awards. There are a total of 40 pages or 40 different awards! The Office and Miscellaneous are a Bonus set of awards. Plus, each set of awards comes with a black and white copy.

Print the colored awards and cut them out. When you see a student doing a great job, write the student’s name on the award and hand it to them. You can also copy the black and white pages on colored paper. Sometime students like to color the black and white copies.

Use these awards as a behavior management system in your classroom. Hand out awards daily. When a student collects 10 awards, have them turn it in for a prize like a new pencil or a small piece of candy. This will also help them to be responsible to save and hold on to the awards until they reach 10 awards.

Use these awards at the end of the year to let your students know how well you appreciate their effort throughout the year. Or use the awards as something fun to let students know they are doing a great job and you have noticed their efforts.

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