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Cause and Effect Ideas and Activities

Cause and Effect Ideas and Activities Pack is loaded with material to help you teach and reinforce cause and effect. Students will be able to learn and practice the difference between cause and effect with ease. This pack includes:

2 Posters: to help remember which is the cause and effect.

40 Matching Cards (20 cards for each set): Use for a center or to get students up to mingle around.

Cause and Effect Stories: 2 stories included to read and pick out the cause and effect sentences. Use the worksheet or graphic organizer to fill in the blanks.

Cause/Effect Task Cards: This set includes 20 task cards that students need to identify the cause sentence and the effect sentence.

Cause/Effect Cards: (18 task cards) Students are given 9 cause cards and they need to think of the effect that could complete each sentence. And also 9 effect cards that students need to think of a cause for the effect.

8 Worksheets with answer keys.

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