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States and Capitals Activities

States and Capitals pack has over 6 activities to help learn the 50 States and Capitals. It includes

*Activities matching states to capitals

* A 3-5 Player Game to match states and capitals-first player with 10 correct states is the winner!

*I Have, Who Has- a fun class game

* Name That State- a shape of each State to recognize

*ABC Search- Find a state or capital name for each letter of the alphabet. Who can find the most in a certain amount of time?

*States and Capital game- This includes a game board for 2-4 players or a class game. Students name the correct capital or state.

*2 Assessments - 1 to name the state and the other to name the capital.

* A Study Guide - A list of all the states and capitals

* A map to label the states

*Alphabetical List of all States

*Answer Keys included for all activities.

You'll get 1 PDF

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