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Blends and Digraph File Folder Games

Blends and Digraph Game Pack has 6 games that include:

L-Blends (bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl)
S-Blends (st, sp, sk, sw, sn, sc, sm)
R-Blends (br, cr, dr, fr,gr, pr, tr)
Digraphs (ch, sh, th, wh)
End Blends (mp, nd, ft, lp, lt, nt, nk)
Triple Blends (str, squ, scr, spr, spl)

Each game includes 2 sets of words (short and long vowel). Each game is a 2-player game where students draw cards, reads them, and places them on their game board. The first player to cover their side of the game board is the winner.

These are great for practicing to read words with blends and digraphs. Each game is differentiated to fit the needs of your classroom. Plus the entire set is in this cute safari theme!
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