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2-Digit Addition and Subtraction

2-Digit Addition and Subtraction has a ton of practice! There are 60 printable task cards and 6 Google links to copy into Google Classroom. This pack includes:

60 printable task cards (2 different sets/30 each)

Recording sheets/answer keys

6 Google Form/Self-Grading Quizzes

The 1st set of printable task cards gives the students the answer and they find the correct equation.

The 2nd set of printable task cards gives the students the equation and they find the answer.

These task cards are also on Google Forms/Blank Quiz. I took the 60 task cards and mixed them up to make 6 links for self-grading quizzes. Each link or quiz, has 10 questions. There are 2 quizzes with addition facts only, 2 quizzes with subtraction facts only, and 2 quizzes with addition and subtraction mixed together. Copy the links into your Google Classroom and assign students the links.

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